About us

The Formation of the Summer Course

I’ve been visiting Bozsok with my family as an ideal destination for Summer Holidays. We like this little, border side village so much that we even have a holiday home there for a few years, so now we can travel there any time of the year.

My grandparents used to stay in the Castle Hotel earlier, which still welcomes guests today and is an ideal place for those wanting to spend their holidays in a relaxing environment, surrounded by nature.

My mother was the first person who came up with the idea to organise summer camps for children in our holiday home. I really liked this thought, and once, when I was walking around the Castle, I found myself fantasizing about a summer musical event that takes place in the Castle and offers music lessons and evening concerts. And we could also go hiking, cycling to the Lake in Rechnitz and spend the night singing and talking around a fire.
It seemed to remain a dream for long, but I have given more and more thought to this event in the Castle.
When I have finally come up with the idea about a Music Summer Course, I told my family and close friends about it, I got in touch with the administrator of the Castle, Tímea Ferencz, who was very welcoming about my idea.
Her enthusiastic support gave me more drive to continue making my dream come true. I was lucky to have a lot of creative people around to help with my plans, and they also came up with further ideas.
So we started working on something real and we keep working on it.

Fortunately most of the teachers we shared the idea with were happy to teach in the summer course. We are very happy to welcome Hungary’s finest musicians and music pedagogue’s in the Bozsok Music Summer Course.
We look forward to this year’s course and hope that all the talented, enthusiastic pupils, amazing teachers, families and residents of Bozsok will take part in a happy event that becomes a tradition.

I would like to thank: Dr. Pálné Treiber, Gábor Balog, Gáborné Balog, Kristóf Székely, Jan Vojtek, Barnabás Vissi, Mátyás Virág, Sibil Veress, Ágnes Katona, Gabriella Balog, Léna Ruisz, Mónika Ruth Vida, Benjámin Balog, Zsuzsanna Treiber and Mihály Balog. Without their help and contibution, this summer course would have never come true.

Written by: Alexandra Balog