Between the 2-5 August 2019, Kőszeg and Bozsok will welcome classical music concerts with the title of “Romantic and Realism”.

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About the Festival:

About the Festival Every summer since 2014, Bozsok, the picturesque, little West-Hungarian village hosts the Bozsok Music Festival.
The Balog Family and their friends – young, talented musicians – organise the event which consists of masterclasses, one-to-one lessons, interactive performances, concerts, exhibitions, literature evenings and dance performances.


Classical Concerts,
Literature evenings,
Stand-up Comedy based on Classical Music,
Lecture Recitals

Returning guests of the Bozsok Music Festival

Renowned Artists and Professors of the European classical musical scene
Young talents of the International Young Soloists as Soloists,
Chamber musicians or members of a Chamber Orchestra Talented Conservatory or Music Academy Students from Hungary and abroad



One-to-one and Chamber Music lessons
Open masterclasses
Workshops and Lecture Recitals Lifelong professional connections
Working with Europe-and world-renowned Professors
Our Professors come from the following institutions:
Royal Academy of Music, London;
UDK Berlin; Franz Liszt Music Academy,
Budapest; Hanns Eisler Musikhochschule, Berlin; Béla Bartók Music Secondary School, Budapest;
We offer our active and passive participants to take part in events of versatile art-forms, such as: Villon-Ballade evening – Pál Mácsai and Péter Huzella
András Berecz – Folk songs and Folktales
Bozsok and Poet Sándor Weöres – An evening of Literature in Music
Gastro-Musical Evening – “Concert served on a plate” Moldovan Folk-dance workshop
Tango evening
Exhibition of Áron Csutoros Photography


Collaboration with the International Young Soloist (IYS)

The Festival hosts Artists, Professors, Course Participants and Orchestra Members from many countries of the world.
To this day, musicians from the following countries have been taking part in our Festival: Hungary, United Kingdom, Germany, Austria, France, Iceland, Denmark, Sweden, Italy, Spain, Romania, Poland, Slovenia, United States, Singapore, Lichtenstein, Japan, China, South Korea, Macedonia and Czechia. The organisation providing the legal background of our Festival and the IYS – the MusicAli nonpofit Kft – aims to strengthen the collaboration between these two entities and to reach as many venues as possible in the Hungarian and Austrian parts of the „Alpokalja” region.
The essence of this collaboration is a vision that classical music and other facets of arts connected to it, carry an incredible potential which is able to bring positive change to people’s lifes and nations’ relations. Our goal for the future is to foster our community in its growth which is guided by our common fascination for arts and culture. With this we enable the improvement of our Festival, support young musicians and spread high-quality art in the region.