Festival Outline

  • Masterclasses on solo and chamber music, given by internationally renowned professors
  • Recitals performed by the organizers, guest artists, professors of BMF, and participants
  • Realizing collaborations with the IYSO, European Cultural Partners and other artistic partners

Bozsok Music Festival, founded in 2014, is an annual event happening every summer in the magical scenery of Western Hungary. Hosted by the Balog family, it is organised by a group of young professional musicians, who are simultaneously great artists, managers, and most importantly, friends. BMF proudly offers participants and the audience daily masterclasses, one-to-one lessons, interactive lectures, concerts, dance and literary evenings and exihibitions.

Our goals

Through BMF, in collaboration with the International Young Soloists’ Orchestra, MusicAli intends to set up an international brand which is recognised across the whole of Europe. Our goal is to fulfill young artists’ dreams by giving them support in their profession: concerts, engagements and opportunities to build their careers in music. While aiming for the above mentioned, a wider propagation of classical music, art, and the Western culture to people with less access to these virtues is another important role of the Organisation.

Features of the festival – masterclasses, recitals and other activities

The core events, as shown above are masterclasses and evening recitals.

The former, has two different forms, one being the typical classroom style 1 to 1 lesson between participant and professor. Mostly the professor is part of the main staff of BMF, (sourced from RAM, London; Liszt Ferenc Academy, Budapest, DSO Berlin, UDK Berlin, Hanss Eisler Berlin) but in some cases this professor might be a guest artist for that specific day, in which case the class is open to public in one of our larger venues. As a proud partner of BMF, Lockenhaus Kammermusikfest provides these guest artists, in exchange for concerts given by BMF staff members in Lockenhaus.

The latter core events are the evening and lunchtime concerts, which are also given by BMF staff and guest artists, added performances of the Festival participants. Furthermore, we offer active and passive participants activities that increase the variety of different art forms such as dance, gastronomy, photography, folk art, jazz, and literature, and other visual arts. Past examples are:

  • ‘The connection between Bozsok and the work of Sándor Weöres – a literary concert’
  • ‘Gastromusicology – a recital served on plates’
  • ‘Dancehouse on the Hungarian folk dance of Moldva’
  • ‘Tango night’
  • ‘Natural photo exhibition by Áron Csutoros’

Coinciding with core of the Festival, we also organise daily activities for participants and visitors such as handcrafting held by native people, painting and drawing for experienced and non-experienced students as morning workshops.

Sport is also a daily activity where everyone can join freely (running, volleyball, table tennis, organised trip to the lake of Rechnitz, yoga, nordic – walking).


How collaborations are realised with IYSO, European connections and sponsoring bodies

The festival is working together with many different countries by engaging artists, professors, festival participants and members of the orchestra from all over the world: Hungary, UK, Germany, Austria, France, Sweden, Italy, Spain, Romania, USA, Singapore, Slovenia, Lichtenstein, Japan, and the Czech Republic.

MusicAli exploits the fundamental alliance between BMF and IYSO to build its international infrastructure further. The core of this collaborative project is based on classical music, and our objectives clearly state the will to show that music is a strong force that creates positive changes and union between humans and nations in every sense. If we look into the future we can ensure that the aim of the organisers of the Festival is to extend the connections and associations within Europe as well as with further places.

The Bozsok Music Festival keeps widening its targets, inviting new artists every year from different parts of the globe. This flourishes in having a more expanded and diverse, always-changing community within the participants.

Being a partner of the Lockenhaus Kammermusikfest we are happy to share projects between the two festivals. Our aim is to negotiate with Kõszeg, its surroundings and the nearer Burgenlandian towns to leap into a greater collaboration and organise cultural events attached to each other in a structural way. This project should involve a stronger association between Austrian and Hungarian contemporary organisations and composers, as well as featuring the roots of our nations by going back to our origins in folk music, giving chance to play the core repertoire of both nations is equally important.

In the near future, we would also be looking to collaborate with luxury hotels nearby, (Sárvár, Szombathely,Bad Tatzmannsdorff,etc.) to organise tours for their guests at the Festival’s time to places we are making events at such as Bozsok, Rechnitz, Koszeg and other places in the area. This could be a specialty for hotels to include this features in their offers. This would go along the lines of having stops at some remarkable places, while offering discounts to all of our Festival events during the journey. We would like to help provide opportunities to explore the rarities of the region they have come to relax to. It would also make a good influence on the economical circulation of the territory and would revive some of the forgotten particularities and specialities of the ‘Alpokalja’ region. Bozsok, the Kõszeg and Burgenland territory would blossom economically as well as culturally by attracting a great size of population for the Festival. This way, a mutually successful business is created.